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Safer use of internet

Using the internet these days is very revealing. It is clear that almost all of the information you place on the internet can and will be analysed, and, by just being on the internet, you generate a lot more information about yourself, often totally unwittingly.

This project aims to stop all that. The goal is to develop an application that will protect your data and  your privacy, and will keep you safe from hacking and spying. It is a solution that uses encryption and some clever processes. It is designed from the ground up to protect the privacy of your communications. The project started last year with the initial development and testing of the concepts. We are now ready for a larger organisation.

This organisation is now set up across the world and it is truly amazing how quickly this became a working, cohesive and enthusiastic group of people working towards a common goal. Despite all of this, it remains a challenge to manage such a group of people remotely and make sure all are on track. Weekly meetings are not enough; there are a lot of informal conversations going on, especially in the beginning, to make sure everybody “gets” it and knows the overall direction needed. Once that was defined, all we needed to do was adjust for the local conditions and markets. Who knew that kids in the Netherlands do not care about their on-line privacy while kids in France do?

The cross cultural aspects of the wide organisation also are interesting. Some of the language used is wildly over the top for my Dutch plain speaking habits. For me this is one of the enjoyable aspects of this project. Working together with people across the world gives you a much more varied and shaded look on the world, the people and the different ways of life.

I really like this project.