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Danger Toys

Danger toys logoAlso known as Dangerous Toys for Big Boys. Danger Toys started life because of a momentary lapse of sanity. I wanted to build a new trebuchet and decided to make it out of stainless steel, make it look nice and still very functional. By the time the design was done I realized I had created a monster but a very beautiful sleek machine at the same time.

This of course prompted further investigation and soon I had a range of medieval war machines, all based on the simple concept of sleek, innovative design with a real style.

The trouble was, it didn’t fit in with the normal operations of HomoFaber (bespoke furniture design and manufacturing) so the natural solution was to form Danger-Toys.

And here we are today. Happy in the knowledge that I have created some beautiful machines.

But be warned, the first series, the Medieval Stainless Steel series, aka MSS, is the first in a line of series that we are planning to develop.

Second warning, these devices are dangerous. It is not a gimmick or just a name, you could hurt yourself or somebody else with these machines. So use them carefully and accept the consequences if something does go wrong. In fact, I will make you sign a release form. So don’t say I didn’t warn you!

For more information and to have a look at the products in more details, visit the Danger Toys website.