Before I started in IT, I was a mechanical engineer. Somehow I ended up working for IBM (long story). This started me on a 30 odd year career in IT that I have really enjoyed and found it to be very rewarding.

The projects I have worked on range from a project where everybody said that it could not be done, it was too complex (A voting system for national elections, via the Internet) to a system for data analysis where a user in beta testing was found dancing on the table. He had found a solution he had been looking for during the last 3 years, using my application. As I said, rewarding!

Over the years I have gathered a few of my experiences and translated them into methods of working and of thinking. The Glass Cube is one example, the Hippo theory is another.

These days I am the Director of Protexit, working hard to make Privacy on the Internet possible again. Because Privacy Matters.

Project Management in an Agile age

There is a lively discussion going on about project management in software development. In this Agile age, is project management still relevant? Scrum (I will base my comments on Scrum) and other agile development methods do not have a project manager role. So what happens to all those project managersRead More…

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Safer use of internet

Using the internet these days is very revealing. It is clear that almost all of the information you place on the internet can and will be analysed, and, by just being on the internet, you generate a lot more information about yourself, often totally unwittingly. This project aims to stopRead More…

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Voting using the Internet

This project was all about contradictions. It had to be accessible by all, but had to be totally secure. We had to track every single vote but the anonymity of the voter had to be absolute. It had to be very easy to use, but the technology we were using was complexRead More…

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We had a very litigious customer who had an application that ran his complete business process. All of it was built by a third party and it was not to his satisfaction. So he sued them and gave the project to us. The aim of this project was to restructureRead More…

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Glass Cube

The Glass cube is not a thing, it is a method.  It is a method that helps groups to communicate better. It helps to understand other viewpoints and it certainly reduces discussion times. Overall, it has been a great help in a lot of projects. The idea is simple andRead More…

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The Hippo Method

I have often thought about the requirements gathering process and the rule that you should never have pre-conceived ideas about the possible solution. First gather all the requirements and then this will resolve into a solution. This places most of the burden on finding all the requirements. If you failRead More…

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