There is not much to say really. Well, that is not true, there is a lot to say, but there is little that I really want to share with you right now.

So far, I have had quite a ride. My youth was spent moving from counytry to country. Later I played in a movie (OK, I will admit I was just an extra), raced cars for a while (Formula Ford) and suddenly found myself working for IBM (as a CAD/CAM specialist). That is how I started in the IT world.

Eventually my wife and I decided that we should move to Cyprus and so we did. They only problem with the move is, that I don’t see my kids enough.


The first time I visited Cyprus I fell in love with the place. To me it feels more like home than any other place ever did. Maybe because it is the perfect blend of Middle East and Europe for me. But since that first visit, 20 odd years ago, IRead More…

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