One carAfter years and years of dreaming about it, designing all sorts of cars in all levels or realism, I finally had a chance and started straight away. I had always wanted to design and build my own car and I knew it when the time was right.

The result is One. It was a sudden design inspiration, a simple sketch that developed into a car that i could realistically build, with my limited resources and tools.

The car has featured in car magazines and on the Dutch TV. Here is a quick video clip.

The interesting thing is, I loved doing it, really enjoyed the intellectual challenge of making a good and safe car, really loved the creative process of problem solving and making it all work. But after the car was built, it was just another car. Fun to drive, perfectly balanced and fast, but still, a car never the less. The first real drive was an emotional one, sure. The next one was simply fun.

I sold the car when we left Holland to move to Cyprus. No regrets.

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