HomoFaber logoHomoFaber means Man the Maker in Latin. This fits so well, I could not resist in using it as a name.

HomoFaber designs and build exclusive and inovative furniture, household items and in one case even a car. Some of the items are developed as an assignment, some simply happen with a flash of inspiration.

Talking about inspiration, Leonardo da Vinci is a great inspiration to me. One of the last people on earth to know everything they knew, in every field there was. Be it Art, Hydraulics, Medicine, Architecture, etc. I know I will never be able to emulate or even come close to what he was and has done, but he sure is an inspiration to me. Because good design is all about proportion, I used his Vitruvius man as my logo.

Another hero of mine is Colin Chapman. His most famous quote is: Reduce complexity and add lightness. Oh, how I agree.

I try to do that in everything I do and design. Simplify and add lightness. Like the bench I have designed. So simple in form, so light, but still very functional and useful.

To show you some of my work I will add a image library soon.


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