Design is an integral part of my life. It is impossible for me not to sketch, design, model or otherwise think in shapes and solutions. I simply can’t help it. This started when I was still a little kid. (in some ways I still am) I remember trying to rebuild my toy soldiers into actual arrow shooting devices.

When I was about 14 I started designing cars and I dreamed of designing and building my own car. After a lot of years, I actually managed to do just that.

My designs at the moment fall into two categories. HomoFaber and Danger Toys.



Danger Toys

Also known as Dangerous Toys for Big Boys. Danger Toys started life because of a momentary lapse of sanity. I wanted to build a new trebuchet and decided to make it out of stainless steel, make it look nice and still very functional. By the time the design was doneRead More…

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HomoFaber means Man the Maker in Latin. This fits so well, I could not resist in using it as a name. HomoFaber designs and build exclusive and inovative furniture, household items and in one case even a car. Some of the items are developed as an assignment, some simply happenRead More…

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After years and years of dreaming about it, designing all sorts of cars in all levels or realism, I finally had a chance and started straight away. I had always wanted to design and build my own car and I knew it when the time was right. The result isRead More…

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