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Danger Toys

Danger toys logoAlso known as Dangerous Toys for Big Boys. Danger Toys started life because of a momentary lapse of sanity. I wanted to build a new trebuchet and decided to make it out of stainless steel, make it look nice and still very functional. By the time the design was done I realized I had created a monster but a very beautiful sleek machine at the same time.

This of course prompted further investigation and soon I had a range of medieval war machines, all based on the simple concept of sleek, innovative design with a real style.

The trouble was, it didn’t fit in with the normal operations of HomoFaber (bespoke furniture design and manufacturing) so the natural solution was to form Danger-Toys.

And here we are today. Happy in the knowledge that I have created some beautiful machines.

But be warned, the first series, the Medieval Stainless Steel series, aka MSS, is the first in a line of series that we are planning to develop.

Second warning, these devices are dangerous. It is not a gimmick or just a name, you could hurt yourself or somebody else with these machines. So use them carefully and accept the consequences if something does go wrong. In fact, I will make you sign a release form. So don’t say I didn’t warn you!

For more information and to have a look at the products in more details, visit the Danger Toys website.


HomoFaber logoHomoFaber means Man the Maker in Latin. This fits so well, I could not resist in using it as a name.

HomoFaber designs and build exclusive and inovative furniture, household items and in one case even a car. Some of the items are developed as an assignment, some simply happen with a flash of inspiration.

Talking about inspiration, Leonardo da Vinci is a great inspiration to me. One of the last people on earth to know everything they knew, in every field there was. Be it Art, Hydraulics, Medicine, Architecture, etc. I know I will never be able to emulate or even come close to what he was and has done, but he sure is an inspiration to me. Because good design is all about proportion, I used his Vitruvius man as my logo.

Another hero of mine is Colin Chapman. His most famous quote is: Reduce complexity and add lightness. Oh, how I agree.

I try to do that in everything I do and design. Simplify and add lightness. Like the bench I have designed. So simple in form, so light, but still very functional and useful.

To show you some of my work I will add a image library soon.


One carAfter years and years of dreaming about it, designing all sorts of cars in all levels or realism, I finally had a chance and started straight away. I had always wanted to design and build my own car and I knew it when the time was right.

The result is One. It was a sudden design inspiration, a simple sketch that developed into a car that i could realistically build, with my limited resources and tools.

The car has featured in car magazines and on the Dutch TV. Here is a quick video clip.

The interesting thing is, I loved doing it, really enjoyed the intellectual challenge of making a good and safe car, really loved the creative process of problem solving and making it all work. But after the car was built, it was just another car. Fun to drive, perfectly balanced and fast, but still, a car never the less. The first real drive was an emotional one, sure. The next one was simply fun.

I sold the car when we left Holland to move to Cyprus. No regrets.