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My posts on Identity and Privacy.

  • Are you worried?In several science fiction movies, facial recognition is used to target advertising while the “subject” is walking past. It is never really part of the story, it is merely used to show how advanced the technology of the future is. Unfortunately,
  • Complexity of Cyber-securityCyber-security, is a huge and growing market. It is also an extremely difficult and complex area to work in. Current systems are becoming increasingly complex in their fight against cyber-crime. The attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated a
  • The changing face of privacyPrivacy is no longer simply a matter of yes or no. It used to be that privacy was seen as a simple switch, you had privacy or you didn’t. You made something public or you didn’t. Nathan Jurgenson wrote a nice article on this for Wired. T
  • M&M’s for security?About 10 years ago I wrote an article on the cyber-security of systems. This article was the direct result from a project I ran that made it possible to hold national elections via the Internet. One of the main findings in that project, and the subj
  • Oh, for a better and safer InternetWe all know that the Internet is broken. Not a day goes by when we don’t read about a data hack or of spies looking at us using our own webcams. The problem is quite a fundamental one. The building blocks of the Internet were never designed for ke
  • Cybersecurity and how not to do itIt is clear that cyber security is becoming more and more important. So important, in fact that companies are beginning to develop new analog technologies to safeguard critical systems. But for the normal company, it is vital to protect data and inf
  • Social suicide?More and more people are leaving Facebook. Approximately 7 million a year. Most of these people leave over privacy concerns. I think that is very responsible and wise. But to term this as virtual social suicide or virtual identity suicide? That goes
  • You can trust big companies, right?Large companies have more manpower and more money to spend on cyber security than the smaller companies. Sure, they handle a lot more data as well, but that just increases the need for good security and well thought out procedures. Target is a big c