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Welcome to my personal website. It took a while to finally make a web site for myself.
The main reason I never did it before was that I did not feel I had something to say that was worthwhile to say. I still don’t. But it is fun to play with this medium so why not.

Besides, I am proud of what I am doing, both on a professional and a personal level. And this is a nice place to showcase some of my nicer moments.

The common denominator in my work is creativity. I find it easy to invent new ways or design new objects. I am constantly doing this. It is fun and it will remain fun till I can no longer lift a pencil. But then I will probably dictate my designs. So I invite you to have a look at some of the stuff I have done and if you feel like sending me a comment or a question, by all means do so.

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You can see more of my designs in the following pages:



Design, Build and enjoy life